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Mission & Vision

Bring a fresh and stimulating touch to market research and Consumer Insights consultancy. Help you to understand everything that influences the purchase decision process. Not just researching on opinions and valuations, but also seeking to understand how people choose what they buy, i.e., what affects their decision-making process. Moreover, propose actionable solutions.

Public policy

Bringing behavioral economics to policy making, changing the design and evaluation of public policies to be more effective. We are less rational than we think, and if a Government wants to influence citizens’ behavior, it might be tempted to launch informational campaign. However using Nudges can be more efficient since we triggering a behavioural mechanisms that alters the decision context. For example, change speed tickets for other elements that are present in the decision context: speed feedback signs.



Compra Acompañada

Shopping together

Shopping together is a technique that reveals the mechanisms of decision in real time, we are with the consumers when they are deciding. Mixing IDIs and ethnograhpy.


In many cases the context is extremelly relevant in the decision process while often overlooked. The way we set the choices influences the decision it self. We will help you build an effective choice architecture, on the basis of the relevant mechanisms of behavior.



People often struggle to identify their own preferences, so their responses to your questions will be unable to predict their behaviour.

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Millennial trends

You are thinking about a new product or campaign to this the millennial generation? We will help you to understand your specific culture, its communication codes and their particular way of thinking.

Story Telling

Story telling analysis

What is your brand? Brands are a great way to ensure your company tells its story . We will help you shape this narrative by combining the expectations of your potential customers, the vision of your current customers, and your own perspective.


Qualitative kit

We manage everything you need in the application of traditional techniques: Do you need focus groups? In-depth interviews? Need advice on the best technique for your proposal? We design and implement qualitative methodology from a fresh and innovative perspective.

Some of our clients:

We give a fresh touch to market research, looking for more natural environments and more actionable insights


Guillermo Paris


Brain Ninja – Sociologist and political scientist, Masters in Economic Policy and Public Economy, he has worked and studied in and outside Spain in places like Valencia, Oklahoma or Dublin. He has worked in various projects concerning sociological research and market research for clients like AegonConsum and Oxfam Intermón. Previously he had been working in politics consultancy. He is in mints&brains to go in depth in the analysis, consultancy and experimentation of public policies.

Guillermo on LinkedIn

Cristian Soriano


Brain Ninja – Psychologist, Master in Human Resources Management, specialized in organizational diagnosis and development of people with experience in multiple organizational development projects in companies from different strategic sectors such as Consum, Importaco or the Valencian Institute of Tourism Technologies.

Cristian on LinkedIn

Andrés Navarro


Brain Ninja – Economist, master in Data Science by the University of Valencia. Specialized in the processing of data in experimental processes. Responsible for applying statistical techniques to measure and validate the impact of different stimuli and events.

Andrés on LinkedIn

Dimitri Schmitow


Sensei – Dimitri is a renowned researcher at the behavior of consumers, with publications in ESOMAR and AEDEMO, and with experience in more than forty countries for clients such as Philip Morris, Sanitas, Rover, Sanex, Gallina Blanca, Ferrero, UBS or Warner Brothers. Psichologics training, began his career in advertising agencies, perhaps for this reason, today, combines the analysis of consumer insights with more creative proposals.

Dimitri on LinkedIn

In the Americas, our partners Behavlab, develop all we share about behavioural economics and decision making processes

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But we are more than people passionate about human behavior and the consumer insights, we like many things, including music. We want to share with you the playlist of “mintsnbrains”, with music that we like and that will change. We believe that through music we hear, also we can know.

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